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“Study the lives of great women who were models of patience, fortitude, compassion and sacrifice.” – Sathya Sai Baba

Smt. N.Leelavathi

The dream of establishing a college for imparting quality education, cherished by our Secretary, Mrs. N.Leelavathi, materialized in the year 2001 when Vidya Mandir Ind. PU College was established. The institution has attained its present glory and has continued to thrive under the stewardship of Mrs. N.Leelavathi.

A visionary, dynamic and inspiring personality, she is an epitome of strength and fortitude and is definitely worthy of emulation. Undaunted by challenges and impediments, forging ahead with determination, she has taken the institution to great heights. With her motherly care, she has kept each member of the institution driven and motivated. Aided by her unique style of getting the best out of the staff and the students, the institution founded by her is today a prestigious one, a name to reckon with. Her unswerving faith in God is the corner stone of her success in all her endeavours.

An Ode To Our Living Legend

Legends aren’t born; they are created

Brick by brick, block by block – they are sculpted

The world has seen many a legend

Some true, some just a fabric of fantasy

Here is a humble ode to one such living legend,

Embodiment of a spirit, as infinite as the deep blue sea!

Fifty challenging years; fifty fruitful years

Building an empire; building a legacy

Many a feat accomplished; many an obstacle vanquished!

Winning over people; winning over woes,

No common man can achieve this.

Our salute to your uncommon vision!

The flame within you has lit up many lives

he fire inside you has torched down many barriers

The warmth you radiate has driven away the blues

The glow you exude has brightened many dark corridors!

Whether it is the never diminishing faith in the Almighty

Or the unparalleled trust in your people;

The uncanny ability to see through actions and words

Or the humility that surpasses all of these,

You are an open book

With plenty of lessons for us!

A ’thank you’ would be too short an expression

But that is all we have to offer,

Along with a promise to march behind you,

Learning our lessons and making an attempt to impart them too.

S. Jayashree Lecturer – English

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