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“VMIPUC INTEGRATED COACHING – Enabling Efficient Exam Preparation”

Competitive Exam Coaching

“The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work efficiently”- William Osler.

Competitive entrance exams for Medical, Engineering and other pure science courses are becoming more and more competitive and they have become the single most deciding factor in the academic pursuit of the students. Science students have to take up important competitive exams like KCET,NEET,JEE Main, BITSAT,VITEEE,PESSAT and others post their II PU board exams. For the students to succeed in these exams, preparation has to be meticulous and super-efficient. Keeping in mind the needs of the students, Vidya Mandir launched the Integrated Coaching facility

The integrated coaching was initiated in 2014 with a very modest strength and has since grown phenomenally, carving a spot for itself in the Competitive Exam Coaching scenario of Bengaluru. The number for students opting for integrated coaching has risen consistently and at present there are 450 students in the integrated coaching sections. The numbers speak sufficiently of the success of the Integrated Coaching Initiative.

This option of Integrated coaching is available only for I and II PU students of VMIPUC

Mission :

– Supplementary coaching for PU Board examination

– Coaching for competitive examinations, mainly JEE MAIN, CET, NEET

Salient features :

– Integrated PU coaching and competitive exam preparation at one stop

– Coaching by college faculty that the students are already familiar with

– Regular practice tests and constant evaluation

Advantages :

– Optimization of time, commute and energy during the crucial 2 years of PUC education

– Sunday holiday

– The working hours are reasonable and students get sufficient time for learning and other activities

– Catering only to students of VMIPUC, thus ensuring excellent discipline and personal supervision

– It is quite cost effective with a reasonable fee structure and reduced commuting expenses

Annual fees (apart from regular college fees): 45,000/-

Achievements :

The integrated batch of 2022-23 performed remarkably well in the competitive examinations.

NEET Ranks
S. No. Student name Class NEET AIR
1 Preetham N 2C2 8603
3 Hemal N 2C2 53008
2 Kruthika N 2C2 72382
4 Lakshmi Shree M 2C2 73592
CET Ranks
S No. Name Class CET Rank
1 Preetham N 2C2 74
2 Rohit R Iyer 2D 270
3 Kruthika.N 2C2 854
4 Sanjay S 2C 1089
5 Surya Sriram 2D 1264
6 Hemal N 2C2 1307
7 Nakul B 2C2 1690
8 Rahul Madhusudan 2D 1929
9 Akankshaa R 2C2 2423
10 Yamini R 2D 2518
11 S R Sreeram 2D 2591
12 Dhathri S 2C2 2627
13 Rohini R 2D 2669
14 Harshil Kundety 2D 2767
15 Yashas Dinesh Mahale 2C2 2886
16 Lakshmi Shree M 2C2 2956
17 Sumita M 2D 2994
18 Vignesh Joshi 2D 3029
19 Suravi B S 2C2 3125
20 Yashwanth K 2D 3807
21 Sai Harith K 2D 4336
22 Suryaprakash R 2D 4757
23 Rachana A 2C2 4802
24 Vishal S 2C2 4813
Students who qulaified in JEE Mains 2023
S. No. Name Class JEE Mains Percentile
1 Preetham N 2C2 98.12
2 Hemal N 2C2 93.67
3 Rohit R Iyer 2D 93.00
4 Bhumika S Mulgundmath 2C2 92.66
5 Yamini R 2D 92.64
6 Yashwanth K 2D 92.30
7 Nakul B 2C2 91.97
8 Kruthika.N 2C2 90.99
9 Harshil Kundety 2D 90.08
10 Suraj K S 2D 87.67
11 Sanjay S 2C 87.89
12 Neha B S 2C2 87.30
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