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“Footprints all over and Memories Forever!”

College Trip

College Trip: October 6,7 and 8, 2022.

It was a day that everyone was eagerly waiting for. The college trip to Chikmagalur. The day saw the beginning of a three day fun filled trip that the students were bound to remember forever.
Six buses filled with more than 500 excited students rolled out of Bengaluru in the early hours of October 06. The II PU students enjoyed the trip with their friends, making memories for life. Sightseeing in Belur and Halebidu, an ethereal trek on the misty mountains of Mulayangiri, a lively DJ evening and delicious food were some of the many highlights of the trip. The most unforgettable feature of the entire trip was the spotting of the Nulakurunji flowers on the peaks. The students completely surrendered themselves to nature’s charm and experienced profound joy and melancholy on seeing the rare flowers in full bloom.

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