Vidya Mandir Ind. Pre-University College

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Surabhi 2021 - The Virtual Extravaganza!

Surabhi, the annual fest of Vidya Mandir, that magical phase of the year that everyone looks forward to, is back. The Surabhi train which arrives at the platform by August every year has now arrived, without any delay.

Despite the pandemic, life goes on, and so does Surabhi 2021. For the second consecutive year, Surabhi is being conducted online. We are bringing the fest to the doorsteps of our students.

All the events are open for second year students to participate. The students will participate under the five houses Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Kshama. They may be divided into houses, but together, they stand as a proud student of Vidya Mandir.

    Video - Surabhi 2021

Surabhi 2021 Updates

The Surabhi-2021 that kick started on the 16th of August is progressing successfully and so far, fifteen events have been completed successfully. The schedule, spread over a month, has been planned meticulously, keeping in mind the demanding academic commitments of the students. The students are showing great enthusiasm and are participating in good numbers in all the events. The judges for the various events are joining us virtually and we have received a lot of positive feedback from them.

Surabhi Results

Open Events

Sl.No Student Name Prizes House Section
1 Kannada Poetry Writing
1 Sinchana R First Shanthi 2C1
2 Rahul C Y Second Sathya 2A1
3 Tanuj G J Third Kshama 2D1
4 Ranjan P Third Sathya 2A1
5 Ajey S Hegde Consolation Kshama 2D1
6 Kiran Gowda T Consolation Dharma 2B
7 Rakshitha D Shetty Consolation Shanthi 2C2
2 English Poetry Writing
1 Stuthi Shrisha First Kshama 2D2
2 Kiran Gowda T First Dharma 2B
3 Vaibhavi Bhat Second Sathya 2A1
4 Niharika Ibrampur Third Shanthi 2C2
5 Tanuj G J Third Kshama 2D1
6 Kavana S Consolation Sathya 2A
7 Shuchitha Prakash Consolation Shanthi 2C1
8 Shambhavi S Consolation Dharma 2B1
9 Sejal Srinivasa Consolation Dharma 2B
3 Creative Writing
1 Tanuj G J First Kshama 2D1
2 Ahana B A Second Shanthi 2C1
3 Stuthi Shrisha Third Kshama 2D2
4 Vishwas Kumar S Consolation Kshama 2D1
5 Chirayu K S Consolation Sathya 2A
6 N Bhuvan Adithya Consolation Shanthi 2C2
4 Poster Making
1 Stuthi Shrisha First Kshama 2D2
2 Jeevitha P Second Dharma 2B
3 Kiran Gowda T Third Dharma 2B
4 Kedar Desai Third Kshama 2D2
5 Raghunath Y N I Cons Shanthi 2C1
6 Kruthika H B I Cons Shanthi 2C2
7 Vishal G V II Cons Shanthi 2C1
8 U S Srujana II Cons Dharma 2B1
9 Sukruth S III Cons Prema 2E
10 Sanjana Y C III Cons Sathya 2A1
5 Vegetable Carving
1 P S Tejashri First Dharma 2B1
2 Harini B L Second Shanthi 2C
3 Yashaswi N Third Kshama 2D2
4 Hashini S Consolation Kshama 2D
5 Kiran Gowda T Consolation Dharma 2B
6 Art From Waste
1 Kiran Gowda T First Dharma 2B
2 Shravani Srinivas Second Prema 2F
3 Manya S Y Third Prema 2F
4 Ashish N Nakum Consolation Prema 2F
5 P S Tejashri Consolation Dharma 2B1
7 Pencil Sketching
1 Vismayashree S First Prema 2F
2 Harini B L Second Shanthi 2C
3 Chaithanya Y Third Shanthi 2C
4 Sinchana R Fourth Shanthi 2C1
5 Aadithya N Bhat Fourth Kshama 2D
8 Nail Art
1 Chandana S M First Shanthi 2C
2 Neha V Malage Second Kshama 2D
3 Harshitha Pradeep Third Kshama 2D2
9 Ethnic wear portfolio
1 Aashima Ismail First Sathya 2A1
2 Spandana H Second Kshama 2D
3 Bhargava Joshi Third Kshama 2D1

Limited Events

Sl.No Student Name Prizes House Section
1 English Oratorical
1 Neha V Malage First Kshama 2D
2 Anagha Gajendra Second Prema 2E
3 Brinda Aiholi Third Kshama 2D
4 Manjunath D Consolation Dharma 2D
5 Rakshita V Consolation Shanthi 2C1
6 Deekha Kashyap Consolation Dharma 2B
2 Kannada Oratorical
1 Vismitha H First Sathya 2A1
2 Harshitha A Second Sathya 2A
3 Vidya S Third Shanthi 2C1
4 Hema M Reddy Consolation Sathya 2A
5 Janavi H Consolation Sathya 2A
6 Chaitra S Consolation Prema 2F
7 Bhargava joshi Consolation Kshama 2D1
3 Lecture Contest
1 Taejaswinee P J First Dharma 2B1
2 Parvani Balaraja Second Sathya 2A
3 Sreesha R Third Shanthi 2C2
4 Amrutha Thirumalesh Consolation Shanthi 2C
5 Aditi Balaji Consolation Sathya 2A1
4 Pick and Speak
1 Niharika Ibrampur First Shanthi 2C2
2 Sejal Srinivas Second Dharma 2B
3 Taejaswinee Third Dharma 2B1
4 Charanyashree Consolation Kshama 2D
5 N Bhuvan Adithya Consolation Shanthi 2C2
5 Air Crash
1 Parvani Balaraja First Sathya 2A
2 Rahul C Y Second Sathya 2A1
3 Manjunath D Third Dharma 2B
6 Classical Dance
1 Samhitha C Karanth First Prema 2E
2 Apoorva B P First Shanthi 2C2
3 N M Bhargavi Second Dharma 2B
4 Karishma Pejathaya Third Prema 2E
7 Classical Music
1 Muktha A Patil First Prema 2E
2 Hemamalini V Second Dharma 2B1
3 Shraddha M Second Sathya 2A1
4 Praneeth H Mitra Third Dharma 2B1
5 Tharuni Lakshman Shivaram Third Dharma 2B1
6 Sindhuja Narasimhan Consolation Shanthi 2C2
7 C R Anagha Consolation Shanthi 2C2
8 Nandan Nayak Consolation Dharma 2B
8 Mono Acting
1 Aadithya N Bhat First Kshama 2D
2 Rahul C Y Second Sathya 2A1
3 Samhitha C Karanth Third Prema 2E
4 Pooja S Consolation Sathya 2A
5 Vidhya S Consolation Shanthi 2C1
6 Manish S Consolation Shanthi 2C
9 Light Music
1 C R Anagha First Shanthi 2C2
2 Vindhya A Second Shanthi 2C2
3 Hemamalini V Third Dharma 2B1
4 Muktha A Patil Third Prema 2E
5 Suvvi B Mudigoudra Consolation Dharma 2B
6 Praneeth H Mitra Consolation Dharma 2B
10 Shloka Chanting
1 Laksha Bhat First Dharma 2B
2 Skanda Dixit Second Kahama 2D1
3 Deepika Ranganath Third Dharma 2B1
4 Hemamalini Consolation Dharma 2B1
5 Jhanhavi M Consolation Kshama 2B1
11 Instrumental Music
1 Shambavi First Dharma 2B1
12 Dance Freestyle
1 Aashima Ismail First Sathya 2A1
2 Prerana Sachin Sadavarte First Prema 2F
3 Parikshit D Second Prema 2E
4 Karishma Pejathaya Second Prema 2E
5 Keerthana Mohan Third Shanthi 2C
6 Varsha J Consolation Shanthi 2C1
7 Sanjana D Consolation Prema 2F
8 Vishal Gowda Consolation Kshama 2D1
13 Mad Ads
1 Aditi Balaji First Sathya 2A1
2 Vidya S Second Shanthi 2C1
3 Mrudank Manojna Second Kshama 2D
4 Vishal Gowda H Third Kshama 2D1

Surabhi 2021 came to a grand close after a month long celebration of talent. The literary,cultural and art events saw enthusiastic participation from our students. The judges were eminent people in their respective fields,who took time off their hectic schedules to judge the entries and encourage our students. Some events saw as many as hundred and fifty entries, thus proving that, Surabhi 21 was a big hit among the students. The results were announced and prizes were distributed in a grand ceremony on November 2,2021. The management ensured that the spirit of the fest was well maintained by bringing in efficient judges and by conducting the fest with the usual grandeur. Surabhi ,2021,our online intra- college fest stood as a monumental proof for the fact that no obstacle can come in the way of the energy and enthusiasm of our students.