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Activity Based Learning

"I hear and I forget; I do and I remember; I do and I understand -- Confucius"

Activity Based Learning

In the words of Anton Chekhov, "Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."

Motivated by the essence of this statement, Activity Based Learning was conceptualized and introduced by our business studies mentor with an intention to impart practical knowledge to the commerce students and give them an insight into the dynamic corporate world. To begin with, we were divided into teams of ten. Each team was kindled with the spirit of solidarity and began to synergise their individual spirits into one.

ABL now turns three. Every year, the batches add value to this learning process by leaving a mark in their own way. This year, our value addition was in the form of a logo designed for ABL, which conceptualized and visualized the very essence of this learning activity.

A grand opening ceremony was organised where our principal encouraged all of us to participate with enthusiasm and the eagerness to enhance our knowledge.

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand." Keeping this in mind, the first activity witnessed sixteen magnificent logos designed by the teams. We had to explain the thought that went behind our team logo and creatively introduce our team members. Here, our creativity and ability to conceptualize was put to test. We could see many of our classmates overcome their fear to talk in front of a crowd as the teams were being introduced.

The ability to solve a crisis is very crucial in the corporate world. The second activity gave all of us a glimpse of the crises which have dawned upon various companies in that past. Each team was given a crisis and had to think of logical and ethical solutions for it. We were tested on our ability to solve a problem and to perceive the situation, putting ourselves into the shoes of a particular person.

Presentation skills are equally important, not only in the corporate world, but also otherwise. The third activity focussed on developing the same. We were given various topics and had to present a powerpoint presentation on the topic chosen by us. We had a great experience as we got to learn about general topics that are very much relevant today, and technical topics such as business plan, corporate restructure, stock market scams, product launch and service app launch.

We wish to highlight the rounds conducted the previous year with respect to the marketing round, business quiz and personal interviews as a part of the staffing process.

The knowledge of marketing is one, which is very much useful at any juncture for it polishes the social skills of a person. The next activity comprised of a market survey after which the students had to design a product based on the feedback from the survey. Advertising their product through print ads and YouTube ads brought out the creativity in students. To the amazement of the students, this activity covered the entire chapter 'Marketing' and they were excited to realise that they had not only learnt the concepts, but also implemented them practically.

Being aware of what's happening around gives us a sense of confidence in this dynamic world. A business quiz was conducted to test the knowledge of the students as they were questioned on various topics such as current affairs, logos, taglines, corporate personalities and strategic skills. The fact that it was conducted by the I PUC students ensured a learning experience for them too.

At the end of this round, the top two teams were identified and were qualified for the final round.

Finally, time had come for the much awaited part of ABL- The Grand Finale. This was a tag-team challenge with all the activities falling under the process of staffing. Rounds such as written test, group discussion, best salesman and formal interview gathered a lot of cheer from the audience. The stress test was put forth in a different way as the teams had to restructure a company within a very short time of 1 hour!! Communication games added to the enthusiasm as we got to learn about vital skills through simple games.

We eagerly await these rounds this year as these definitely step up our thought process so as to match the competitive needs of today.

In conclusion, the activities groomed our commercial skills and gave us a glimpse of what we'll be facing in the coming years. Each team carried out every activity with enthusiasm and interest. Throughout the activity, we learnt a whole lot of things - building qualities of leadership, teamwork, cooperation and understanding. We had fun and simultaneously learnt and developed some precious bonds in the course of the activity.

It was indeed "The corporate world presented to us in a nutshell."

Activity Based Learning